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We believe that people should be given the opportunity to study for their chosen career. If you are an aspiring doctor of medicine or dentist, we believe that you should have a chance to enrol on a medical or dental programme even if your academic achievements are not at the top of the table. There is more to a good doctor than their theoretical knowledge! Firstly, you must be able to relate well with people. Secondly, you need to have a strong desire to help others. Thirdly, you need to have excellent time-management and organisational skills. These are things that cannot be taught.

There are plentiful examples out there of mediocre students that have achieved great heights later in their chosen careers. Young people may be underachieving for a number of reasons – family problems, peer pressure, incompetent teachers. Being given a rare opportunity can bring their hidden intelligence and skill set to the surface, especially in a new environment away from home.

Our work is dedicated to helping people like this, people like you, to realise their dream of becoming a doctor or a dentist. So contact us, if you:

  • Have a strong drive to become a doctor or a dentist
  • Are ready to put in the hard work that’s required
  • Have less than stellar A level results in Biology and Chemistry

We will help you secure a placement on the Medical or Dental Programme at the Medical University in Varna, Bulgaria. We are so certain of our success, that we don’t request payment for our services until a place is offered to you by the university.

We are also happy to assist existing medical/dental students from other European universities looking for better quality teaching and student life to transfer to the Medical University of Varna.


No nonsense company. MCDP work fast and efficient, answering all my questions and taking care of absolutely everything involved in the process of applying, enrolling and re-locating. I actually was on holiday in the resorts near Varna with my family, while they were sorting paperwork and just notifying me when my attendance was required. Very smooth and stress-free process. And at a much lower cost than other companies I contacted while researching. A year on now, I have no regrets for choosing MCDP and MU-Varna.

nebelMerle Nebel,
1st year student, MU-Varna

A friend of mine highly recommended MCDP. She had gained a place on medical degree course at MU-Varna with this company and was very content with them, so I followed her lead. Once I provided the documents required, the procedure was very quick. I sat my Entry test shortly after that and passed thanks to MCDP’s support. And only a couple of weeks later I was planning my re-location together with their rep. They have responded to my every enquiry and provided assistance in every aspect – paperwork, course info, Entry test prep, flights, accommodation, orientation, enrolment. Everything went exactly as I was told initially it will. It just couldn’t have been easier! I have recommended MCDP to all friends interested in studying MD abroad.

hoffmaisterEric Hoffmaister
1st year student MU-Varna

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